Vendors Recommendations

Excellent contractors are very hard, but finding one that you can trust and dependable is even more harder. I have had great ones and some I just want to scream & pull my hair out. So, I decided to give you some tips on finding contractors, warning of home improvement scams, and a list of contractors & various vendors that I think it would be a value to you.

Here Some Tips on Hiring Contractors

  • Ask for referrals & check the Better Business Bureau of Southern Piedmont.
  • Find out if they are licensed
  • Do they have designation (National Kitchen & Bath Association, National Association of the Remodeling Industry, National Association of Homebuilders)?
  • Interview the contractors first & check their references.
  • Ask what kind of insurance they carry (personal liability, worker’s compensation or property damage coverage)
  • Ask for proves of insurance certificate & make sure they are bonded.
  • Always have a written contract
  • Never pay Cash to a contractor
  • Always try to limit the down payment to contractors.
  • Try to split the payments: Beginning, During & Completion
  • Always ask for a written warranties for materials and workmanship.

Never Make the Final Payment Until You the Followings

  • Have a Sign-Off Checklist that indicate the standard of workmanship, any written warranties, any proofs of payments to sub-contractors or suppliers, approved from inspectors, the site is clean up and you are satisfied with the work.


  • knocks on your door for business or offers you discounts for finding other customers
  • just happens to have materials left over from a previous job
  • pressures you for an immediate decision
  • only accepts cash, asks you to pay everything up-front, or suggests you borrow money from a lender the contractor knows
  • asks you to get the required building permits
  • tells you your job will be a “demonstration” or offers a lifetime warranty or long-term guarantee
  • doesn’t list a business number in the local telephone directory

Report Scam

For More Information



  • Frederick Services: 704-698-6138 (Don Frederick “General Contractor”) Repairs, renovations & design.
  • Broker’s Choice: 704-904-4789 (Russ Halbertadt) Repairs & Listing Preparation
  • S&B Handyman Services, LLC: 570-533-3131 (Chris)


  • Rick & Rick: 803-577-3121 & 704-291-9300(Rick Roberts Sr.) Painting interior & exterior, and Home Improvement.
  • Renaissance Painting Company: 704-560-6033 (Ted Perna)
  • Railing Painting: 704-281-3706 (Jorge Railing)


  • Accent Comfort Service: 980-406-6071 (Tim Goodman)
  • Digital Home System: 704-889-5000 (Richard Shepard) Home Theater, Multi Room Audio, Structured Wiring & Lighting Control
  • Intelligent Technologies: 704-845-0849 (Charles Walker) Audio/Video, Lighting Control Systems, Home theater & Automation, Computer Network & Structured Wiring Systems

Flooring Contractors:

Plumbing, HVAC & Bathroom Glass Contractors:


Home Inspectors


Home Warranty Companies

Yard Services

  • Contruction & Yard Services: 704-226-7815 (Darrin Wilson)
  • Ron Dean Mowing: 704-634-1137
  • Davidson Bros. Tree Farm & Nursery: 704-426-0947 (Patrick Davidson)
  • PIE (Plant It Earth): 704-583-9595 (Mark Kennedy) Lawn, Tree & Shrub Care

Mover Companies

Pest Control Companies

Miscellaneous Vendors That You Might Need